A Healthy Herb Garden at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

My husband and I recently spent a few days in Sydney and were excited to visit the Royal Botanic Garden for the first time. I particularly like visiting botanic gardens because each one is so different and you can learn a lot from them. Despite the fact that it rained the whole time we were there, this botanic garden certainly didn’t disappoint.

I was very pleased to see the educational herb garden. It has a good range of plants such that anyone could grow a selection of the herbs on show in their own garden. It also offers ideas and inspiration for good herb garden design.

a round bed split into four quadrants by two crossed rows of sage. Each quadrant has a different herb inside it - two kinds of sage, rosemary and curry plant
A kitchen herb bed laid out in a parterre style

The garden has all the standard kitchen herbs, including a particularly nice garlic chive border; that’s right, chives make a fantastic border and I highly recommend you plant one in your garden if you have the space – they’re attractive, handy in the kitchen, repel pests (when regularly trimmed which you will do naturally if you’re eating them) and can help prevent and treat diseases in your garden. What more could you want?

a border of garlic chives in flower
Garlic chive border

You may even find a few herbs that you haven’t heard of before.

five seasons herb (spanish thyme) with a sign detailing its name and a little bit about where the plant comes from and what it's used for
The garden is speckled with helpful signs for those who might like to grow some of the plants in their own garden – these are especially helpful if you’ve never seen or heard of a particular plant before

The garden also contains a number of herbs that have medicinal properties and someone has put in helpful signs describing the benefits of each medicinal herb.

an informative sign in the garden
There are also many informative signs throughout the garden such as this one that describes how some modern drugs can be isolated from plants

Despite being a herb garden, this section of the botanic gardens also contains a number of plants that complement herb gardens. The citrus trees for instance would make lovely additions to any kitchen herb garden, particularly because lemon and lime juice and zest combine well with so many herbs.

a lemon tree underplanted with herbs
A lemon tree fits right into the herb garden

If you’re looking for a great day out, a nice spot to have a picnic or some inspiration for your garden, I can certainly recommend a visit to the Royal Botanic Garden’s herb garden.

a wooden bench is nestled among herbs
A quiet place to sit and admire the herb garden helps make this garden very visitor friendly